2016 NEA Annual Meeting


Washington Nationals Discount Flyer

Services & Resources

Destination Information

* More information about 2016 forms, services and resources will be posted as it becomes available.

Travel, Transportation and Lodging

Delegate Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Procedures in the Convention Center

First, stop anyone with a radio to report the emergency to Security and the Annual Meeting Office.

  • If no one is available by radio, dial “3333” from a house phone or office phone or call 202-249-3333 from cell phone.
  • To report an emergency from the RA floor, use the red phones located at the entrance of the RA.
  • For medical emergencies in the RA, provide the closest microphone number and display the orange flag located at the podium to further assist responders in locating the emergency.
  • For minor incidents/first aid, contact NEA Emergency Medical, Room 156, 202-249-4014.

Delegates may note emergency contact information on the reverse side of their name badges.

Delegate Packet

Posted here upon publication, this area contains the entire 2016 delegate registration packet for interested delegates, who may choose from among contents to download to your device in advance of your travel to Washington, DC.

Delegates have the option to be “green” using online content instead of the traditional printed packet. Pre-registered green delegates have a letter “G” printed on their mailed delegate badge and receive green ribbons to indicate their participation plus a copy of the RA program booklet. During registration on July 2-3 any interested delegate not designated as “green” may check in with NEA staff to change status. All delegates are encouraged to view and/or download the contents you need to your personal device before arriving in Washington.

Frequently Asked Questions

RA Business Forms

Forms in this section are used to conduct official RA business and may be downloaded, completed, and printed for submission. Online submissions are not accepted for items to be considered by the Representative Assembly. Delegates using these online forms must print three (3) copies of their completed item for submission to the Committee on Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules at the front of the RA stage.

Election Forms and Candidate Resources

Forms for NEA Executive Office (2016 and 2017) and NEA Board of Directors At-Large candidates (2016) are provided below.

  • Forms for 2016 candidates may be completed, printed, and submitted between June 29 and noon July 3 in the Capitol/Congress Room at Marriott Marquis. After noon on July 3, please contact Carrie Lewis (clewis@nea.org) to file. While at-large candidates may file until the start of business on July 4, they are strongly encouraged to file by noon July 3 to meet RA Today publication deadlines.
  • Forms for 2017 candidates may be submitted to Carrie Lewis at the front of the state during the NEA Representative Assembly. Candidates who file by noon on July 7 will be announced from the stage and printed in the final edition of the RA Today.

2016 Executive Office Candidates

2016 At-Large Candidates

2017 Executive Officer Candidates

Election Policies

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