When: June 30th 2015 from 10am-2pm

Where: Osceola High School

What is it?

The LEGACY Project is designed like a community fair. Community members will visit numerous IMPACTs where they will be greeted by volunteers—both student and retired members. IMPACTs are the individual projects (examples below). Each volunteer will pick an IMPACT (all designed by the Advisory Committee on Student Members) where they will organize, educate, and lead change for the communities of parents and students that our educators serve.

What to expect?

Driven by the needs of Osceola County, expect to interact with school-aged students and their families through various activities. Student and retired members will work collaboratively to meet the needs of not only the school community, but the entire Osceola County community.

Pick a project that best fits your passion to make a difference in Osceola County. There will be more than 15 IMPACTs to choose from.

IMPACT Examples: Voter Registration, Pre-K/K Screening, Read Across America, Pencils of Hope, and more!

We are excited to partner with other organizations. Together, we will leave a lasting impact in a community where students and their families are in need. The students in Osceola County deserve a united strong community to ensure the best public school experience for all!

JOIN US for our First Annual LEGACY Project!

In a reimaging of the historic “Outreach to Teach” program, the NEA Student and Retired leadership will devote a pre-RA field day to community engagement that lifts up NEA’s strategic goal 2 which states that “…students at greatest risk must be a priority…”

Read about The LEGACY Project 2015 here: Hundreds Attend a Community Fair Aimed at Students and their Families

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