Models of Union Strength, Member Advocacy

National Education Association Executive Director John Stocks addresses 7,500 delegates at NEA Representative Assembly. Giving the close of Day One of the 2017 NEA Representative Assembly the feel of an organizing rally, National Education Association Executive Director John Stocks celebrated the student advocacy, member solidarity, and recent victories by NEA state affiliates. “All across the country, you … Continued

Human and Civil Rights Heroes Honored at NEA Annual Gala

Unsung activists are celebrated at NEA’s annual awards dinner in Boston Last night marked the 50th anniversary of NEA’s Human and Civil Rights (HCR) Dinner where individuals and organizations are recognized for their advocacy in social justice, racial justice, and human and civil rights in communities across America. The stories of the award winners not … Continued

NEA President to Representative Assembly: We Have the Power… and They Know It

“This is not a drill,” NEA President Lily Eskelsen García told the 2017 NEA Representative Assembly. “We stand in a dangerous place. We stand between a profiteer and his profits. We have a president who resides at the dangerous intersection of arrogance and ignorance and travels with a moral compass that always points to his own self-interest.”

A Boost for Future Educators

With Kinnaman Scholarship, NEA-Retired members continue longstanding tradition of giving NEA Student Program members a helping hand  At the time of his death in 2002, Jack Kinnaman was vice president of NEA-Retired, and had for years represented active and retired members in a variety of local, state and national Association positions. Kinnaman was also known … Continued

Don’t Miss the NEA EXPO!

Prizes! Giveaways! Swag! It’s all at the NEA Expo Exhibit Hall. No NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly is complete without a visit to the EXPO, where you can find useful tools and tips for your profession along with fun games and giveaways. You might not be in the market for a new car, but … Continued

LEGACY Project: Building strong communities!

Bullying prevention, water pollution, and healthy eating were just a few of the topics tackled Thursday at the annual LEGACY Project, a community fair hosted by NEA-Student and NEA-Retired members this year at Everett High School and Glendale Park in Everett, Mass., just north of Boston. “The LEGACY Project (“Leaders Empowering Grassroots Advocacy for Communities … Continued

RA to consider NEA’s charter school policy statement

In the quarter-century since the first U.S. charter school opened in 1992, on the hopeful premise of educator-led innovation, charter schools have grown dramatically. They now enroll nearly 3 million K-12 students in the U.S., and include many private unaccountable charters, whose financial operations and student performance are hidden from parents and taxpayers, and whose … Continued

NEA Student Leadership Conference

  [View the story “NEA Student Leadership Conference participants look to make a difference in the future of public education” on Storify]

NEA Racial and Social Justice Conference: It’s about ACTION

In the face of racism, anti-immigrant rhetoric and legislation, Islamophobia, trans-phobia, and a host of other phobias and –isms that affect millions of U.S. students and educators, NEA educators committed to racial and social justice are meeting in Boston this week during NEA’s annual Conference on Racial and Social Justice. “Every year at this conference, … Continued

Lily Eskelsen-Garcia and Tom Curran at NEA-Retired Annual Meeting

‘Fight Like Hell’

Representing 317,000 NEA-Retired members nationwide, delegates to the organization’s 2017 NEA-Retired Annual Meeting gathered Tuesday in Boston, Mass., for two days of talks and policymaking that will steer the organization through the next 12 months. Chief among these decisions is the election of a new president as Tom Curran—the group’s outgoing leader—concludes his second three-year term … Continued