General Questions and Answers on the 2020 RA

  1. What are the dates and times of the virtual RA?
    1. July 2-3, 2020, Times TBD
  2. Will this change impact the rotation of cities for the RA?

    1. It will not. The upcoming cites for the RA are Denver, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Orlando.
  3. Will there be an NEA RA website for resources and materials this year?

    1. Yes we will utilize for resources and materials
  4. Will there be an RA app?

    1. Plans are underway for an RA app.
  5. When and how will delegates receive information for participating in the virtual RA?

    1. All delegates should expect to receive that information by mid-to late June.
  6. Will there be NBI’s, Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, Resolutions, and Legislative program?

    1. NBI’s, revisions to the Resolutions and Legislative programs, Constitutional and Bylaw Amendments will be delayed until the 2021 RA.
  7. How do we welcome our new President of the NEA in a way that everybody can be involved?

    1. Center for Governance is creating a plan. More information to come.
  8. Will the recommended candidate for president be able to address delegates in the virtual RA?

    1. We will extend an invitation but don’t have any specifics for the invite yet.
  9. Will the mail ballot be “mail back” only or will there be an option to vote online with a dedicated delegate ID?

    1. As NEA elections are LMRDA compliant, there is no option for voting on-line.
  10. Given the challenges with overseas mail, how will those delegates receive their mail paper ballots for voting?

    1. Overseas ballots will be express mailed to those delegates, with a pre-paid express mail return of the secret paper ballot.
  11. What ballots will Ex-Officio Delegates receive?

    1. We will create a separate ballot for ex officio delegates which will only have the presidential endorsement and strategic plan and budget. Additionally, we will be certain they do not vote in the runoff election if there are any.
  12. How do I get Campaign and Candidate Materials Information?

    1. Contact Carrie Lewis in Center for Governance
  13. How do we elect at-large members to the board?

    1. At-large candidates will be included on the mail paper ballot.
  14. What support will there be for locals/states who have not finished voting for delegates to the RA because of school shutdowns?

    1. We have received information that states and locals are able to move forward with electing their delegates and meeting the May 15th deadline. A few states have been granted extensions to report their delegates by June 1st. We are monitoring that data on a weekly basis. If states/locals have any questions, they should reach out to Center for Governance.
  15. How will the move to virtual RA effect the pre-conferences with elections (Retired, and Aspiring Ed)?

    1. Regarding NEA Directors for NEA-Retired and Aspiring Educator categories, elections would be conducted through their respective virtual meetings.
      1. Plans for conducting the elections for these governance positions
        will be coordinated with constituency leaders, NEA Center for Governance and the Office of General Counsel so as to be in compliance with policy and regulation.
    2. Regarding Resolutions Committee members for NEA-Retired and Aspiring Educator categories, NEA Center for Governance and the Office of General Counsel recommends using our vacancy appointment procedure to fill vacancies.

      1. For NEA-Retired, any vacancies resulting from terms currently being served by committee members that end in 2020, Standing Rule 7.B.7 and NEA-Retired Bylaws permit the NEA-Retired Executive Counsel to fill by appointment vacancies that arise in regular committee positions between Representative Assemblies.
      2. For NEA Aspiring Educators, any vacancies resulting from terms currently being served by committee members that end in 2020 allows the Advisory Committee of Aspiring Educators or the Chairperson to fill by appointment vacancies that arise in regular committee positions between Representative Assemblies.
  16. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding Resolution Elections?

    1. Contact Paul Birkmeier in NEA Center for Governance.
  17. Will RA sessions be live streamed and posted on NEA member portal so that delegates can review sessions when they run into logistics issues?

    1. Center for Governance is beginning to work with our vendor on audio-visual platform capacities for a virtual RA. We will share details as soon as they are available.
  18. Will locals be out the hotel costs or will any hotel cost cancellations be passed back down to locals?

    1. Our goal is to negotiate as best we can to waive or substantially reduce cancellation fees for our affiliates. We believe we will be largely successful in doing so, as we want to try to hold our state and local affiliates as harmless as possible.
  19. How will delegates with technology challenges or no technology available, receive all pertinent information regarding the RA.

    1. The Center for Governance is assessing several possibilities for ensuring information is received by all delegates. In addition to sending electronically, as in past practice, we will mail information to those delegates who identify in the RA registration process, technology challenges.
  20. Will NEA reimburse delegates who might have paid or made deposits on travel?

    1. Most travel agencies and airlines are giving reimbursement for travel booked previously.
  21. How will we recognize HCR Award Winners?

    1. Information on the plan for the HCR Awards will be posted in the upcoming weeks.
  22. What happens to the pre-RA Conferences

    1. Information on the Conference on Racial and Social Justice
    2. Information on the Aspiring Educators Conference
  23. Will NEA recognize the Teacher, ESP and Higher Ed of the Year at the RA?

    1. Plans are underway to include those recognitions in the virtual RA.
  24. Will Women’s Suffrage be recognized?

    1. NEA is still planning on commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage. More details to come.

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