This two-part session features a moderated panel that will discuss the key family and community engagement provisions of the Every Student Succeeds Act.  Panelists include nationally recognized experts, educators, and practitioners.  The session also includes facilitated inter-active group work that will provide participants with opportunities to work together and lay the foundation for frameworks that will incorporate state/local ESSA/FCE goals, timelines, and proposed activities.

NEA Leadership Competency: AdvocacyLeadership-Competency_Advocacy3

Date and Time: Sunday, July 3, 2016, 10:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Location: DC Convention Center, Room 151 AB


Kisha Davis Caldwell (MD), National Board for Professional Teaching Standards


Janet Eberhardt (CA), Community Relations Specialist/Elementary Advisor, 2015 NEA ESP of the Year

Anne T. Henderson (DC), Senior Consultant, Community Organizing and Engagement, Annenberg Institute for School Reform

Amanda Lowe (DC), National Disability Rights Network

Special Guest:

We are proud to announce that Sherrill Knezel, a K-12 Art Education instructor and graphic recorder out of Wisconsin, will be translating and capturing the entire breakout session using visual images. The resulting mural will be photographed and posted online at the end of the session.




Cory Wofford, Organizational Specialist, NEA Center for Organizing


ESSA – Equitable Participation (1 pg., PDF)

ESSA – Family and Communities (1 pg., PDF)

ESSA – Paraeducator Voice and Opportunities (1 pg., PDF)

Family Community Engagement in ESSA Brief (7 pgs., PDF)

Ten Things Everyone Must Know about Family Engagement in Title I (1 pg., PDF)

US Congress Letter – Honorable Sec. King (2 pgs., PDF)

Map of Actors (1 pg., PDF)

Empowered Educators Day Case Studies (2 pgs., PDF)