JEberhardtJanet Eberhardt has served as a Community Relations Specialist and Elementary Advisor with the San Francisco Unified School District for over 29 years. In that role, Eberhardt develops programs that engage and mentor students and families.

In March of 2015, Janet Eberhardt was awarded the prestigious NEA Education Support Professional of the Year award. In her role as the NEA ESP of the Year, she addressed more than 9,000 delegates at the NEA annual Representative Assembly and has appeared as keynote speaker at multiple events and conferences across the country. “I say one thing to my students every day and I say it to my fellow ESPs today: go the extra mile. Each student is an individual and has different gifts. Please be bold, be strong, and help our kids to find their special gift.”

Eberhardt has held several leadership roles within the United Educators of San Francisco, including planning, coordinating and delivering ethnic minority leadership training for regional members. She fought hard for her ESP brothers and sisters to gain voting rights within their state association, California Teachers Association (CTA), and has since served on a number of statewide committees. Eberhardt was named CTA’s ESP of the Year in 2014.

Janet is the recipient of the 2012 California Teachers Association State Human Rights Award, given to the single member that has done the most to improve human rights for members, students and families. In her district, Eberhardt developed several reading and student creativity programs including Literacy Plus, which brings students to the city library to unlock their love for reading.