New Business Item B

We, the members of the National Education Association, acknowledge the existence in our country of institutional racism–the societal patterns and practices that have the net effect of imposing oppressive conditions and denying rights, opportunity, and equality based upon race. This inequity manifests itself in our schools and in the conditions our students face in their communities. In order to address institutional racism, the National Education Association shall lead by: 1) spotlighting systemic patterns of inequity–racism and educational injustice–that impact our students; and 2) taking action to enhance access and opportunity for our students.

NEA will use our collective voice to bring to light and demand change to policies, programs, and practices that condone or ignore unequal treatment and hinder student success by:

* Providing technical assistance to state, local, and national affiliates to dialogue internally and with the external community and develop plans of action to address institutional racism.

* Partnering with a broad coalition of national stakeholders on campaigns and actions to eradicate policies that perpetuate institutional racism in education.

* Partnering on campaigns and actions on critical social justice issues impacting students and their communities.

* Convening high school students and young people to gather their perspectives to inform our work and the work of others (education stakeholders, policymakers, etc.).

* Expanding the work of the Association on issues of institutional racism, including redirecting existing resources and providing grants to affiliates to lead and partner with us on site based projects, such as:

+ programs aimed at improving school climate and culture, particularly ending the school to prison pipeline

+ supporting campaigns to expand the development and implementation of community schools

+ expanding local affiliate-school district partnerships that expand educator-led professional development, particularly in areas of cultural competence, diversity, and social justice in order to address institutional racism

* Researching implications for NEA’s Strategic Plan and Budget for 2016-2018.

Cost Implications

This NBI can be accomplished at an additional cost of $276,831.