To change the term of one student member of the NEA Board from one year to two years.

Article V. Board of Directors

Section 2(f). Terms of Office 

Student directors shall serve terms of one (1) year and may not serve more than two (2) terms.  One (1) student director shall serve a term of two (2) years and two (2) student directors shall serve terms of one (1) year.  No student director may serve more than two (2 years).  The directors shall be student members of the Association.

Impact Statement

Article V, Section 2 of the NEA Constitution outlines the terms for members of the NEA Board of Directors. Under this section:

  • State, at-large, and retired directors serve three-year terms, unless elected to fill a vacancy or achieve staggering of terms.
  • State and at-large directors can serve no more than two terms. Prior service as a student director does not count toward the two term limit.
  • Retired directors can serve no more than two terms. Prior service on the Board of Directors in a position other than a retired director position does not count toward this limit.
  • Student directors may serve no more than two one-year terms.

The proposed amendment would allow one student director to serve a two-year term, while retaining one-year terms for the other two student directors. A student director, whether serving a one or two-year term, could not serve more than two years total as a student director on the Board.

Under NEA Bylaw 5-5, an NEA director must immediately relinquish a Board position when such director ceases to be employed in the category represented. Thus, a student director elected for a two-year term would have to relinquish immediately his or her Board position if his or her category changed.

If the amendment is adopted, NEA would amend the campaign regulations for student directors to reflect this change and to clarify how elections would be conducted for the two-year and one-year terms. Implementation of this change would begin in 2017, as the election of student directors in 2016 will take place prior to Representative Assembly consideration of this amendment.

Submitted By


Chelsey Herrig, MN

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