To strike language allowing delegates to yield the unused portion of their allocated speaking time.


Rule 3.  Order of Business and Debate

G. Yielding Speaking Time

                  A member may yield the microphone or speaking time to another delegate only for the unused portion of his/her allotted time, and only for the purpose for which the member was recognized.


Impact Statement

Standing Rule 3(G) permits a delegate to yield a portion of his or her unused allotted speaking time to another delegate, for the purpose for which the original delegate was recognized.

The proposed amendment would strike Standing Rule 3(G) in its entirety, leaving the Standing Rules silent on the question of yielding speaking time.  NEA Standing Rule 3(B) states that “The annual session of the Representative Assembly shall be conducted in accordance with provisions of the NEA Constitution, Bylaws, and these Standing Rules. Matters not specifically governed in these documents shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.” 

If the amendment were adopted, Robert’s Rules would then govern on the question of yielding time.  Robert’s states, “Unless the organization has a special rule on the subject, a member cannot yield any unexpired portion of his time to another member, or reserve any portion of his time for a later time.” (RONR 10th ed., p. 376).  Thus, delegates would not be permitted to yield any portion of their unused speaking time. 

Submitted By


Seth Rich, MD

Relevant Strategic Goal (G) or Core Function (CF)


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