The NEA will publish, through its digital media properties, its strong opposition to forced migration and deportations through through its digital media properties. In order to educate NEA and community members about the detrimental effects forced migration and deportations have on people, this publication should include, but not be limited to, stories about and histories of

  • Forced migrations and deportations, both past and present.
  • How children’s lives are detrimentally affected directly and indirectly through forced migration and deportations.
  • U.S. military veterans deported after serving in the U.S. military.
  • Why people flee their home countries, including war, famine, and imbalanced treaties such as NAFTA.

And, statistics on

  • Numbers and ethnicities of deportees over time.
  • Crime statistics, including type of crimes committed by the undocumented immigrants vs. citizens.
  • Numbers of refugees and migrant patterns worldwide.
  • Who is affected by immigration laws and policies and how they are affected.

Cost Implications

This NBI can be accomplished at an additional cost of $15,000.