The NEA stands for all students including immigrant students, students from religious minorities, students of color, and LGBTQ students and will act to ensure that their civil rights are fully protected by

  1. Calling upon our members and society to take action to promote a culture of safety, support, and affirmation that ensures civil rights for all students by adopting policies that respect the civil rights of all students.
  2. Providing tools for affiliates and members to use at the state and local level to gain or secure protections for students’ civil rights.
  3. Issuing legal guidance and model school district policies that spell out the legal rights and provide best practices designed to ensure that students’ rights are protected.
  4. Continuing to actively participate in the legal efforts to secure full civil rights by joining with other legal advocacy organizations and filing amicus curiae briefs in courts to argue in support of those rights highlighting the commitment of NEA members to the equal and fair treatment of all students.
  5. Joining with the civil rights and advocacy community to ensure that the federal civil rights of students continue to be enforced.
  6. Pursuing information regarding the extent to which the current U.S. Department of Education has cut back enforcement of federal civil rights.
  7. Joining with other allies to challenge where appropriate the U.S. Department of Education’s rollback of civil rights protections for students.
  8. Highlighting through NEA communication properties the efforts of NEA members to advocate for their students for these core civil rights issues.

Cost Implications

This NBI can be accomplished at an additional cost of $95,500.