To create a new membership category of “Community Ally” and charge the NEA Board of Directors with establishing the dues, benefits, and services for such members, while preserving NEA governance positions for education professionals and active equivalents.

Action: Deemed to Have Failed

*Amendment will not be implemented in accordance with Standing Rule 5.B.2., which states, “A proposed amendment to the Bylaws which is dependent upon adoption of a proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be deemed to have failed unless the proposed amendment to the Constitution is adopted.”

Bylaw 2. Membership
2-1. Categories.

a. There shall be six (6) seven (7) categories of membership in the Association: Active, Student, Retired, Substitute, Reserve, Community Ally, and Staff.

g. Community Ally membership shall be open to any person who demonstrates support in advancing the cause of public education, advocates for the mission, vision, and core values of the Association, and is not eligible for any other membership category. The NEA Board of Directors shall establish the dues, benefits, and services for such members, including the qualifications and application process for such membership. Community Ally members shall not have the right to vote, nominate candidates for elected office, or hold elected or appointed positions within the Association.

2-7. Membership Dues.

l. Dues of Community Ally members shall be established by the Board of Directors.

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