To provide for inclusion of one state affiliate president on the NEA Committee on Program and Budget.

Bylaw 11. General Finance
11-7. Committee on Program and Budget.

The Committee on Program and Budget shall comprise seven (7) eight (8) members whose function shall be to prepare, with the president, secretary-treasurer, and executive director, the biennial budget.  The vice president and the secretary-treasurer shall be members during their terms of office.  The Board of Directors shall elect at its first meeting following September 1, five (5) of its members for staggered two (2) year terms.  The state affiliate presidents shall elect, following September 1, one (1) member to represent them for a two (2) year term. Members from ethnic minorities shall comprise at least twenty (20) percent of the committee.  The Board shall elect additional members as appropriate to assure such ethnic-minority representation.  A member elected by the Board of Directors shall serve only while a member of the Board.  A member elected by the state affiliate presidents shall serve only while a state president. The secretary-treasurer shall serve as chairperson.