To provide for solicitation of Active member voluntary contributions to a strike/work action fund.

Bylaw 2. Membership
2-7 Membership Dues

New Section Q.

Beginning with the 2020-2021 membership year, Active members of the Association will have the opportunity to voluntarily contribute three dollars ($3.00) or more per year in addition to the dues computed pursuant to Bylaw 2-7a. These voluntarily contributed funds shall be allocated to a national Work Action Fund to support state and local affiliate associations’ work actions.

Impact Statement

Bylaw 2-7 sets forth the procedures by which membership dues are set. This section also includes dues assessments for the Ballot Measure/Legislative Crisis and Media Campaign Fund.

If adopted, the amendment would add a new section to Bylaw 2-7 establishing a voluntary contribution of at least $3.00 a year to be allocated to a separate strike/work action fund to assist state affiliates with statewide actions. Funds donated through this voluntary solicitation would be used to support affiliates in statewide strikes or work actions.

The 2018 Representative Assembly adopted New Business Item 2018-122, stating, “The RA directs NEA to establish a voluntary $3.00 (or more) membership donation to establish a fund to support statewide work actions and/or strikes such as in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona, and North Carolina. NEA will work with local and state affiliates to develop and promote a process to transmit these funds to NEA for disbursement.” NEA has already begun implementation of this item, planning to utilize the current NEA Fund for Children and Public Education platform for this membership donation service.

If the Representative Assembly adopts the amendment, it would codify in the Bylaws the work begun under NBI 2018-122. The Board of Directors would draft guidelines for the establishment and implementation of the work action fund. Such guidelines would address the processes for solicitation and collection of voluntary contributions, the application process and criteria for receipt of assistance from the Fund, and reporting requirements. The Board could also establish an oversight committee to administer the Fund and allocate assistance to affiliates.

The amendment would not require members to donate to the Fund; participation would be voluntary.


Clare Kelly - IL