To allow for deferral to the subsequent day any motion for which proposed amendments are difficult to display in full on screen, and to provide delegate access overnight to any such deferred language.

Rule 3. Order of Business and Debate
E. Display of Business

The content of debate on any items for debate shall be displayed on all screens, including projection screens, by real-time captioning.

The text of new business items will be shown on the screen. Amendments to new business items will be shown with additions inserted and underlined and deletions with a strikethrough.

At the discretion of the presiding officer, any motion whose amendments are difficult to display in full on screen may be deferred to the next day. Text of such deferred motions shall be made available overnight.

Impact Statement

Standing Rule 3 addresses the order of business and debate at the Representative Assembly, with section E specifically addressing the display of business on projection screens. Under this section, the text of amendments to New Business Items are displayed with additions inserted and underlined and deletions in strikethrough text.

New Business Items are considered in the order in which they were submitted to the Committee on Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules. Amendments to proposed NBIs can be submitted at any time prior to consideration of the item. Proposed amendments are considered when the makers call in to move them.

If adopted, the amendment would give discretion to the presiding officer to defer consideration of a New Business Item where the text of a proposed amendment is too large to display fully on projection screens. In the event of such a deferral, the text of the proposed amendment would be made available to delegates overnight for review. The Committee on Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules anticipates that such availability would only be via the delegate website and Representative Assembly app.

If the proposed Standing Rule amendment were adopted, the presiding officer would have the discretion to defer to the following day consideration of any motion (including any NBI) to which amendments had been submitted that would be difficult to display in full on the screen. The presiding officer would indicate where the language of the amendment(s) would be available and approximately when the motion would be expected to come up for consideration the following day.

The process set forth in the amendment would not be possible to invoke for items considered on the final day of the Representative Assembly, as deferral of consideration would not be possible.


Seth Rich - MD