In accordance with Resolution C-6, the NEA will pursue strategies to publicize the crucial importance of recess and free play in the lives of school children of all ages, especially those children in grades preK through eighth grade.  The NEA will use online resources to propose and urge local actions which will convince Boards of Education that recess should be expanded and occur every day. Further, the NEA will publicize the following issues that threaten the lives and mental health of our students:

1.  Up to one in five children in the U.S. shows signs or symptoms of a mental health disorder.

2.  High school and college students are showing increasingly alarming rates of depression and/or anxiety leading to suicide.

3.  Increased screen time, too much testing, constant adult supervision, have prevented students from learning how to be independent and solve their own problems.  Students are learning that their destinies are out of their hands.


The 2017 CDC report, "Recess in Schools," identifies only eight states with policies requiring daily recess.  Free play is the means by which children learn to solve problems.  Let’s think how invaluable free play and recess can be for children.


Theresa Mitchell Dudley - MD

Cost Implications

This item cannot be accomplished with current staff and resources under the proposed Modified 2019-2020 Strategic Plan and Budget. It would cost an additional $7,750.