The NEA affirms the crucial importance of Census 2020. As a national Census partner, NEA shall play a leadership role in ensuring a fair and accurate census through such actions as:

1. Working with allied coalitions such as the Learning First Alliance to foster national partnerships among the Census Bureau and its constituent groups so as to expand coverage of Census 2020 across the major education association websites, print media, and online social networks to encourage joint projects and local event coordination.

2. Providing model website templates with links to key Census Bureau information such as talking points, articles, fact sheets, regional office and partnership program contacts, and access to the Bureau’s Census In Schools and employment websites.

3. Targeting assistance to schools in or near “hard to count” census tracts and identifying resources to ensure that home language materials and technical assistance are available in communities impacted by poverty and concentrations of minority group or non-English speaking populations.

4. Encouraging NEA’s state and local affiliates to become Census partners and work to ensure that all educators, current and retired, are represented in local Complete Count Committees and have the opportunity to become employed as enumerators.

5. Coordinating the provision of Census Bureau materials and speakers at NEA conferences and state summer leadership meetings and through the NEA booth at national partnership organization conferences.

6. Conducting a midterm evaluation of NEA’s Census 2020 partnership activities to provide the basis for adjusting Association assistance to align with the Bureau’s post-enumeration work concluding in December 2020.


It is important that the NEA helps to ensure that the 2020 Census produce a complete and accurate count of our population, as the Census count determines correct funding levels for educational grants and programs.


Len Paolillo - MA

Cost Implications

This item can be accomplished with current staff and resources under the proposed Modified 2019-2020 Strategic Plan and Budget at no additional cost.