NEA will establish a date during the 2019/2020 school year as an ultimatum for the federal government to take action on the following demands:

  • Green jobs and education instead of youth incarceration;
  • Progressive taxation for racial reparations;
  • Equity in educator salaries and benefits.

These demands would include intentional planning and actions to end the school-to-prison pipeline; stop the detention of immigrant children and family separation; aggressive action to halt and reverse climate change; establishing progressive taxation models to divest funding to racial reparations that include educational programs for ethnic studies and black and indigenous people of color (BIPOC) - centered curriculum and student support services.

If such action is not taken by the date specified, NEA will implement plans to create statewide actions that include, but are not limited to building collective union power and the withholding of labor.


The intersection of these major issues that impact our youth need to be pushed forward so that NEA can become stronger in its advocacy and protection of youth.


Melissa Tomlinson - NJ

Cost Implications

This item cannot be accomplished with current staff and resources under the proposed Modified 2019-2020 Strategic Plan and Budget. It would cost an additional $494,250.