F-50. Medication and Medical Services in Schools

Amend by deletion and addition on page 56 of the white book as follows:

Lines 76-78, letter a: Only licensed medical personnel, or other designated school personnel, properly trained by the district a district-employed credentialed nurse, are required to administer such medication medications or perform such medical services.

Lines 95-96, letter h: A plan is in place to address medical concerns when licensed medical personnel are unavailable. Annual training by a district-employed credentialed nurse for any designated district personnel who consent to performing medical procedures must be required. Written documentation of such training must be maintained by the district and school site.

Line 103: Once consent is obtained, then the district-employed credentialed nurse should provide training to the designated school personnel annually with written documentation of such training maintained by the district, school site, and the trained, certified employee. Further, the district-employed credentialed nurse shall provide indirect supervision to qualified designated school personnel and must be available either in person or by electronic means as needed.


The proposed language aligns this resolution with education codes for nurses working on public school sites. The code numbers that support this change in language are EC 49414, EC 49422, EC 49423, EC 49423.5, and Title 5 3051.12 from legal resources for nursing.