NEA will provide support to state affiliates in establishing and implementing a process to collect and distribute funds earmarked for paying educators who do volunteer anti racist work (including, but not limited to, work such as participating in book studies, workshops or presentations, supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) students in schools, or any other union work requiring a racial lens that comes from their lived experience and expertise.) This NEA support would include creating a simple application template that statewide unions could adapt for educators to fill out to be paid for their labor. NEA would make sure this template is simple, so they don’t create significantly more work for people who are applying for funds. State affiliates will make comprehensive efforts to reach a goal that at least 50% of applications submitted are from BIPOC educators but may still continue with implementation even if that goal is not met. State affiliates will collect and make available this racially aggregated data. They could also encourage members to make a donation of $25 or more or make monthly contributions in order to offset the cost of credit card fees.


Many BIPOC educators use their lived experience of oppression and trauma to do antiracist work. In addition, systemic racism often can have a negative financial impact on BIPOC educators. Unpaid anti-racist work exacerbates this impact.

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David Scholten - OR

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