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New Business Item A
Adopted as Amended

NEA will immediately call on the Trump administration, U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, and the courts, for the immediate end to the detention and criminalization of immigrant children and their families; including an end to ICE raids, which inflicts chaos, fear, and instability on entire communities.

Specifically and immediately, NEA will call on the U.S. government to address the human rights violations for which it is responsible in detention centers across the country by demanding that:

-Immigrant children currently incarcerated by the U.S. government be treated as human beings with infinite worth and potential, and not be exposed to conditions that harm or traumatize them.

-Detention facilities be open to visits by doctors, educators, social workers, clergy, and other children’s advocates.

-The U.S. government comply with the guidelines for basic standards of care of children set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

-The U.S. government stop sending children and immigrant families to for-profit detention centers.

To achieve the above, NEA will:

1. Instruct our General Counsel to challenge such policies and practices in the courts and other venues by leading or joining cases with advocacy partners;

2. Call on members and affiliates to seek sponsors and support for legislation that protects immigrant families, the rights of asylum seekers, and the humane treatment of all immigrants;

3. Oppose ICE raids that terrify peaceful communities and endanger children who are left without caregivers when parents are arrested and detained;

4. Urge all presidential candidates to develop plans for comprehensive immigration reform that include specific ways to ensure the humane treatment of all immigrants and ways to end ICE raids and family separations;

5. Partner with immigrant rights’ organizations to inform our members and the families they serve of the civil and human rights of undocumented people through community engagement and specifically partner on training such as know-your-rights training;

6. Initiate and support networking locally so that our members and public can jointly engage in initiatives and actions on immigrant justice;

7. Promote the efforts of our affiliates and partners to protect immigrant students and families from the harm and trauma caused by fear of deportation, anti-immigrant violence and family separation’;

8. Mobilize members to contact their elected officials, participate in protests, and disseminate advocacy materials on urgent immigration issues; and

9. Expand NEA’s rapid response social justice activist network to engage and activate our members and allies on key immigration priorities.

10. NEA will provide information to state affiliates on how they can gain access to assist refugees being held in detention centers, how they can teach, provide social work servicing, psychology services, provide soap, toothbrushes and other sanitary needs to refugees. Please inform our members how we can take direct action of detentions centers.

New Business Item 5

NEA shall review all existing governing documents (e.g; Policy Statements, Legislative Program, Resolutions, Constitution, and Bylaws) and where appropriate direct that these documents incorporate language that is democratically inclusive of all NEA members. Further, NEA shall use inclusive language in all future communications.

New Business Item 8
Adopted as Modified

NEA will conduct a study to examine the feasibility of self insuring the risks covered by the Educators Employment Liability insurance.

New Business Item 10
Adopted as Amended

The NEA will compile existing resources in an online toolkit for members which will offer resources for educating students and families on balanced technology usage, and which outlines the physiological, social-emotional, and behavioral effects of screen time on children.

New Business Item 11

Using existing resources, NEA will incorporate the concept of "White Fragility" into NEA trainings/staff development, literature, and other existing communications on social, gender, LGBTQIA, and racial justice whenever and wherever context and expense allows.

New Business Item 12
Adopted as Amended

NEA will work with other unions and encourage its affiliates to promote and participate in state and community efforts for Census 2020.

As a national census partner, NEA shall play a leadership role in ensuring a fair and accurate census through such action as:

1. Working with allied coalitions such as the Learning First Alliance to foster national partnerships among the Census Bureau and its constituent groups so as to expand coverage of Census 2020 across the major education association websites and online social networks to encourage joint projects and local event coordination.

2. Link to key Census Bureau information such as talking points, digital articles, fact sheets, regional office and partnership program contacts, and access to the Bureau’s Census In Schools and employment websites.

3. Targeting assistance to schools in or near “hard to count” census tracts and identifying resources to ensure that home language materials and technical assistance are available in communities impacted by poverty and concentrations of minority group or non-English speaking populations.

4. Encouraging NEA’s state and local affiliates to become Census partners and work to ensure that all educators, current and retired, are represented in local Complete Count Committees and have the opportunity to become employed as enumerators.

5. Coordinating the provision of Census Bureau materials and speakers at NEA conferences and state summer leadership meetings and through the NEA booth at national partnership organization conferences.

6. Conducting a midterm evaluation of NEA’s Census 2020 partnership activities to provide the basis for adjusting Association assistance to align with the Bureau’s post-enumeration work concluding in December 2020.

New Business Item 13
Adopted as Modified

NEA will create an ongoing series in NEA Today using existing digital resources including and NEA Express Today, and promotion on the NEA Today social media highlight examples of the Ethnic Studies curricula and programs across the nation and connection to student growth and success of students who have access to Ethnic Studies. 

New Business Item 14

NEA will create model legislative language that state affiliates can use to eliminate the Praxis or alternative standardized test used for teacher certification.

New Business Item 16

NEA Board of Directors will consider a new policy statement on Ethnic Studies to be presented at the 2020 NEA RA for adoption.

New Business Item 17
Adopted as Modified

The convenings created as a result of the 2018 NBI 117 Task Force report will recommend specific annual numeric goals for the recruitment of, and retention of, educators of color.  NEA will create a pilot cadre of educators of color (a minimum of 2 per state affiliate for at least 10 states) whose purpose is to identify and recruit high school and college ethnic students (African American, Hispanic, Indigenous People of America, Asian American,Pacific Islander) to enter the teaching profession starting with states that have Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, Tribal Colleges, Asian American, Native American, Pacific Islander Serving Institutions.

New Business Item 18
Adopted as Amended

In accordance with Resolution C-6, the NEA will pursue strategies to publicize the crucial importance of recess and free play in the lives of school children of all ages, especially those children in grades preK through eighth grade.  The NEA will use online resources to propose and urge local actions which will convince Boards of Education that recess should be expanded and occur every day. Further, the NEA will publicize the following issues that threaten the lives and mental health of our students:

1.  Up to one in five children in the U.S. shows signs or symptoms of a mental health disorder.

2.  High school and college students are showing increasingly alarming rates of depression and/or anxiety leading to suicide.

3.  Increased screen time, too much testing, constant adult supervision, have prevented students from learning how to be independent and solve their own problems.  Students are learning that their destinies are out of their hands.

New Business Item 19

NEA will promote the Black Lives Matter Week of Action in schools during Black History Month in 2020.  Beginning in the fall of 2019, using existing communications resources, NEA will specifically call for clear efforts to demonstrate support for the four demands of the BLM Week of Action in schools:

1. Ending zero-tolerance policies and replacing them with restorative justice practices

2. Hiring and mentoring black educators

3. Mandating that Ethnic Studies be taught in preK-12 schools in age-appropriate ways

4. Hiring more counselors not cops

New Business Item 20
Adopted as Modified

The National Education Association will create space in all individuals’ name tags, badges, and IDs for the individuals’ pronouns. The individuals’ pronouns will only be left off at the individual’s request. This space will first appear at the 2020 NEA Leadership Summit and will continue forward from there. We will create fields within NEA360 to indicate pronouns. By doing this, it will give locals information to add pronouns to their membership forms and to be more inclusive. We will create fields within NEA360 to indicate pronouns.

New Business Item 21
Adopted as Modified

NEA will create an electronic toolkit that will assist locals in developing member allies who will serve as diversity ambassadors to engage in courageous conversations in an effort to support educators of color and other targeted and marginalized educators.

New Business Item 23

NEA will survey state alternate certification programs to assess how educators are being trained and supported to be successful in the classroom.  The results of the survey will be published in existing NEA publications.

New Business Item 25
Adopted as Modified

NEA will collaborate and partner with organizations and individuals who are doing the work to push reparations for descendants of enslaved Africans in the United States and to involve educators, students, and communities in the discussions around support for reparations.  NEA will write an article in NEA Today to pay homage to educators who have been and are currently fighting for reparations, such as Ernie Smith, and to highlight the organizations and individuals involved in the fight for reparations. NEA will actively network and collaborate with organizations such as ACLU, the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N'COBRA), and individuals such as Darrick Hamilton, to hold national teletown halls in different regions of the United States in order to educate members and the general public about the importance of reparations.

New Business Item 29
Adopted as Modified

The NEA will contact all school districts through the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) to recommend incorporating into their science curriculum, causes, effects, and solutions to climate change and pollution. The NEA will inform each school district of NEA’s position supporting teaching current and established researched-based data from reputable science resources. and include human’s involvement in climate change and the possible solutions. The NEA will provide online resources for teachers to plan and implement lessons, including any existing union-friendly teaching resources.

New Business Item 31

Utilizing existing communication resources, the NEA shall publicize the investigation that has uncovered state and federal funding for confederate museums, shrines, and groups that present a distorted view of history and perpetuate racist idealogy (

New Business Item 33

NEA will investigate, using existing committees and the National Vocational and Career Technical Education Caucus (V-CTE), to determine the impact of CTE programs in the reduction of institutional racism through Career and Technical Education partnerships with their program business partners in their communities.  These findings will be made available to all members through existing platforms to aid in developing further paths to end institutional racism.

New Business Item 34
Adopted as Modified

NEA will disseminate current information developed in partnership with the National Indian Educational Association and/or the National Congress of American Indians regarding missing and murdered indigenous women and girls during the month of May 2020.This will be in solidarity with Red Shawl Day. Information will be disseminated through established modes of communication.

New Business Item 38

NEA will develop a report on the negative effects of charter co-locations on students, particularly students of color, students with disabilities, and public school communities, and publish such reports in the NEA Today, on NEA social media, and all other forms of communication.

New Business Item 40

NEA will update the existing research review on the academic and social implications of Ethnic Studies and publish the results through existing NEA resources. 

New Business Item 41
Adopted as Modified

The NEA will support an initiative to hire more diverse leadership staff such as assistant principals and principals in our schools, by notifying state affiliates to encourage their members of color to pursue a career in school leadership. In addition, the NEA will work to support this goal.  

As NEA continues to promote and push forward on improving diversity and inclusion of educational professionals, we direct NEA to include assistant principals, principals, and other administrators in work that we are already doing.

New Business Item 45

Utilizing existing communications channels, the NEA will encourage locals to incorporate practical composting programs in our schools. These programs will serve as a solutions-based approach to teaching climate change lessons.

New Business Item 46
Adopted as Amended

NEA will encourage the extension of university harassment, discrimination, and assault reporting and advocacy services to be officially in place until the completion of the preK-12 school year. This extension encompasses all harassment, discrimination, or assaults connected to Aspiring Educators' student-teaching placement districts, as opposed to phasing out services at the end of the college school year.

NEA will create a list of questions to be used by interested local union representatives to research the harassment and abuse reporting services available to Aspiring Educators.

New Business Item 47

NEA will work with current partners (such as GLSEN), to expand on the number of professional development opportunities for Gender Sexuality Alliances (GSA) advisors.  This training should include, at a minimum:

  • Starting a new GSA;
  • How to handle possible backlash from different stakeholders; and
  • Model GSA projects and activities.

New Business Item 48

NEA will create model legislative language that state affiliates can use to lobby for a K-12 cross content curriculum that is LGBTQ+ inclusive.

New Business Item 50
Adopted as Amended

NEA will use existing avenues of communication to call on the city and state of New York, to issue an official and formal apology to Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana, and Korey Wise, the Exonerated Five.

NEA will also write a letter to the five men informing them of our support and the action we took to call for an apology from New York. 

New Business Item 51

NEA will distribute a resource for educators and students with opiod dependence who are seeking recovery or in recovery, outlining rights and protections in accordance with federal anti-discrimination/civil rights laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The resource should be distributed to locals/schools across the nation, including post secondary educational institutions.  Additional information regarding such rights and protections should be made available on the NEA website. The resource distributed could be the preexisting one created by the Bristol Plymouth Teacher Association (Taunton, Massachusetts), or a version of it if the NEA wishes to amend it. If amended, the resource should always use stigma-reducing language and aim to help those recovering from opioid use disorder maintain job security or pursue an education.

New Business Item 52
Adopted as Amended

The NEA Center for Organizing will expose in existing NEA publications the continued efforts by venture capitalists to privatize substitute teachers and education support professionals by subcontracting these positions through unrepresented "gig" workers, for example, from Swing Education, Inc., EDUStaff LLC, and Kelly Educational Staffing.

NEA will use existing communication channels to expose practices by third-party staffing companies that impact the pay, benefits, and "years of service" of educators and other school employees. Because there are over 50 state/governing authorities, NEA will choose a sample of such practices to highlight.

New Business Item 53
Adopted as Modified

NEA Center for Organizing will support and encourage state and local affiliates to organize substitute educators by:

  • Notifying state affiliates that NEA is available to assist state and local affiliates in identifying problems they may have in organizing substitutes and offering possible solutions;
  • Making available existing model contract language involving substitute;
  • Assisting state and local affiliates, when asked in efforts, to identify state and local laws that affect substitute rights, such as right to union representation, health care, sick leave, unemployment insurance and pensions.

New Business Item 55

The National Education Association (NEA) will organize and mobilize in support of the Equality Act to be a top legislative priority by using existing resources to channel activist energy toward education and advocacy, encourage all members to sign up to the NEA EdJustice newsletter to receive action alerts and invitations to be the best advocate possible, and continue persistent and ongoing lobby efforts with our Senate to increase their awareness of the importance of passing non-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

New Business Item 56
Adopted as Amended

Through existing media channels, the NEA will honor the leadership of women, non-binary, and trans people, and other survivors who have come forward to publicly name their rapists and attackers in the growing, international, #MeToo movement.

Furthermore, the NEA will include an assertion of our defense of a person's right to control their own body, especially for women, youth, and sexually marginalized people. The NEA vigorously opposes all attacks on the right to choose and stands on the fundamental right to abortion under Roe v. Wade.

New Business Item 57
Adopted as Amended

The NEA will publicize our support for the continued work action of educators and the fact that our union's alliance with students and the community is key to winning our demands.  We will publicize the necessity now for teachers' independent struggle to defend public education: win significant class-size reductions; significant improvements in educators' pay and working conditions; defend special education programs; and re-establish the principle of equal quality education for all on the basis of a fully-funded public education system. 

New Business Item 58
Adopted as Modified

Using existing resources, the NEA will encourage members to use digital resources from partner organization such as the Human Rights Campaign's Equality Act NOW website ( to support the Equality Act, a federal law that will explicitly require fair treatment for LGBTQ+ people in critical areas like employment, housing, and education.

In addition, the NEA, using existing resources, will share with local and state affiliates, a model resolution supporting the passage of the Equality Act such as the one found on the National Center for Lesbian Rights. 

New Business Item 64
Adopted as Modified

At the beginning of ALL NEA convenings, NEA will acknowledge the native people of whom the lands originated from. 

New Business Item 66
Adopted as Amended

NEA will utilize existing digital resources to inform its members  and prospective members on, the attitudes, values, and goals of unionism, solidarity, justice, fairness, and the search for the common good. 

New Business Item 68
Adopted as Modified

In collaboration with existing national partners, the National Education Association will explore the opportunity to create a Stonewall LGBTQ Scholarship for tuition assistance to an openly LGBTQ student attending graduate school who demonstrates a commitment to research and practice surrounding LGBTQ issues and awareness in our schools.  This would be a tribute to the Stonewall riots that led to the gay liberation movement and the modern fight for LGBTQ rights in the United States.

New Business Item 77
Adopted as Modified

NEA's state and territorial affiliates shall pursue legislation in the various state and territorial legislatures, including the District of Columbia, to ensure that Career-Technical Education and Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps educators are protected by the same job security rights as other educators at the same grade level in the jurisdiction.

In other words, if the default classification for high school teachers in a state is probationary, followed by permanent, CTE and JROTC educators shall likewise receive the same classification.

New Business Item 78

NEA will fund training materials and space for two three-hour safeTALK (suicide alertness) classes for up to 30 delegates per class at an RA event in 2020.

New Business Item 79
Adopted as Modified

Using existing digital resources, NEA will provide members with information regarding the determination to pay application to stop the abusive practice of lower judicial courts putting citizens in jail because they cannot pay bills and fines.

New Business Item 80
Adopted as Amended

NEA will promote the creation of a task force consisting of general education teachers, special education teachers, ESPs, specialists, administrators, community partners, and Departments of Education to make recommendations on systemic changes to preK-12 educational institutions to address educators' responses to student behaviors.

New Business Item 81
Adopted as Amended

NEA will use existing resources to:

1. Research secondary school vocational programs (a/k/a career and technology programs) to gather data related to eligibility criteria;

2. Determine whether the eligibility criteria are equitable and create fair access for all students;

3. Share results of research with members through existing publications/digital media;

4. Promote eligibility criteria that are equitable and fair for all students.

5. Acknowledging that there is outdated data collection on Secondary Vocational Education and Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs, NEA will urge the U.S Department of Education to collect current information on Vocational Education and CTE program eligibility requirements with respect to fairness, equitability, and appropriateness. The NEA will report back to the NEA CTE caucus as to available data, as well as the results of further data collection. 

New Business Item 82
Adopted as Modified

NEA will publish an article using digital channels clarifying the rationale for the exclusion of "creation science" in science classrooms. This article will also be archived on the NEA website.

New Business Item 84
Adopted as Modified

The NEA will use existing resources by utilizing the Racial Justice Education program to provide quality anti-racist, anti-biased culturally competent virtual professional development opportunities. To continue to build upon already existing work by identifying regional, state, leaders, and volunteers or whomever the Committee deems to expand learning to facilitate and train the trainer model using an interactive virtual curriculum to build capacity in members at the state and local level.

New Business Item 87

NEA will publish in the NEA Today the impact of voter suppression in the United States. 

New Business Item 89
Adopted as Amended

NEA will advocate for limitations on class sizes, caseloads/workloads, and proportions of classes with students with special needs by creating and distributing model language for state legislation. Through the creation of common guidelines, this language will address at least the following factors/characteristics: age/grade level, educational setting, presence or paraeducators, type of service, federal disability categories, a full continuum of services, and severity of disability.

New Business Item 91
Adopted as Modified

NEA will use existing resources to digitally publicize a list of resources educators can use to teach their students about the history of the U.S. government programs of detention and internment, deportations and repatriations, to include but not limited to the Mexican Repatriation (1929-1931), Bracero Program (1942), and Operation Wetback (1954).

New Business Item 93

NEA will use existing channels to call on educators to refrain from discouraging or explicitly telling students to not speak a language other than English at school.  NEA may also include information about:

  • The benefits of being multi-lingual;
  • How linguistic oppression is traumatic to children and stifles their academic achievement;
  • The white supremacy culture associated with "English only" movements; and
  • The history of violence inflicted on children for speaking a language other than English at school.

New Business Item 94

The NEA will participate in the Month of the Military Child April 2020.  Through normal media outlets, the NEA will inform state and local affiliates of ways that they can support and celebrate military children and encourage them to sponsor and participate in local Month of the Military Child events.

New Business Item 97
Adopted as Modified

NEA will use existing resources to share sample lessons about the 2020 census, including a sample census for students and information about the legal obligation to complete the census.

New Business Item 98
Adopted as Modified

NEA will partner with organizations, schools, businesses, law enforcement agencies, elected officials, community members, and families to: 

  • Promote January as the Gang Awareness and Prevention month of action starting in January 2020 using existing communication resources, specifically calling for clear and immediate action to help NEA members educate their students and families on the implications of gang involvement;
  • Promote the creation of social justice clubs in our schools that will help students to be empowered, self-sufficient, and proactive in their community by associating themselves with community groups that promote positive alternatives to gang involvement;
  • The NEA will compile existing resources in an online toolkit for members which will offer resources for education students, educators, and families on gang awareness and prevention.
  • NEA will encourage state affiliates to advocate for programs that support at risk-students in areas of high-gang activity.

New Business Item 101

Using existing communication vehicles, specifically NEA today, NEA will speak to the importance of health and our advocacy for a duty-free lunch period of not less than 30 minutes for all its members. 

New Business Item 105

NEA shall provide additional supports to local affiliates and individual members advocating for their undocumented students by: disseminating and publishing an update to the 2/21/18 NEA General Counsel Advisory for members engaging in immigration advocacy that includes a member's rights and limitations in doing so.

New Business Item 106
Adopted as Modified

The NEA currently has five English language learner (ELL) online blended learning courses with resources for educators including:

  • Second Language Acquisition and Instructional strategies.
  • Standards Based Instruction with Lesson Planning Development
  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • Assessment

The NEA will use these existing resources to develop an online blended learning course and virtual workshop that members may use to advocate and educate ELL students and families.

New Business Item 107
Adopted as Modified

NEA will promote safe, trauma-free working and learning environments by sharing with state affiliates effective implementation supports and trainings for school systems that adopt restorative practice and asset-based discipline approaches and by advocating that all states reach and maintain the national standards for school counselors, social workers, psychologists, and nurses.

NEA will raise student trauma awareness among  members by supporting state affiliate efforts to offer trauma-sensitive professional learning opportunities that address:

1. The impact of toxic stress on brain development and student behavior and learning;

2. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) research, screening, and awareness resources;

3. Trauma-sensitive teaching practices; and

4. The linkage of trauma to poverty, substance abuse, institutional racism and discrimination.

5. Effective implementation supports and trainings for school systems that adopt restorative practice and asset-based discipline approaches and by advocating that all states reach and maintain the national standards for school counselors, social workers, psychologists and nurses.

New Business Item 108
Adopted as Modified

Through existing communications NEA will promote and support educator self-care activities as critical to ensuring student success and educator retention in the profession by:

    1. Promoting mental health, employee assistance, and post-trauma supports for all educators;

    2. Promoting a "self-care" campaign to counter the narrative that its "selfish" for an educator to care for their own health and well-being; and

     3. Sharing research and resources to address compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, and educator post-traumatic stress disorder.

New Business Item 110
Adopted as Modified

Using existing resources, the NEA will communicate its support for the universal right to access paid family and medical leave.  The NEA shall conduct a research study to compare family and medical leave policies in the U.S. to other countries and shall use their finding to develop a policy  brief on national paid family and medical leave. The NEA shall distribute its research finding to help state affiliates and locals strengthen their collective bargaining positions.

New Business Item 111

The NEA will take the lead in urging a school calendar revision for the 2020 presidential election and will encourage the closure of schools on election day so that members, locals, and districts can participate in a day of action where school will not be in session.

New Business Item 116
Adopted as Modified

NEA will create a sub-category of ethnicity under the race category on NEA360 and conference registration sites to help the association better understand the ethnic makeup of our membership and make sure that the needs of all members are met. They will also provide a report to state leadership detailing the ethnicity breakdowns of our membership. 

New Business Item 117
Adopted as Modified

Through existing vehicles, the NEA will bring awareness to the workload model approach for Specialized Instructional Support Personnel or SISPs (i.e., speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, school counselors, school psychologists, school nurses, social workers, library media specialists, and others) and create a policy brief in order to understand the need to decrease caseloads.  In addition, NEA will illustrate the benefits of appropriate SISPs caseloads/workload to its membership by publishing an article on existing forms of communication.

New Business Item 118
Adopted as Modified

The NEA will call on the U.S. government to accept responsibility for the destabilization of Central American countries (including, but not limited to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua), and that this destabilization is a root cause of the recent increase of asylum seekers in the United States. 

New Business Item 122

NEA will utilize existing resources to compile early career educator programs, communication platforms, and leadership programs and make them digitally available to all members.  This will include national, state, regional, and local opportunities.

New Business Item 125
Adopted as Modified

The NEA will consider forming a new, ongoing Arts Committee.  This Committee will seek educational reform to make quality arts education mandatory in public education.  The Committee will also promote and share research regarding the role of arts in student development, as well as curriculum which enriches students' arts education.  Finally, the Committee will work with appropriate federal, state and local agencies toward policies that ensure all children receive education that promotes their self-identify and self-expression through the arts.

New Business Item 134
Adopted as Amended

The NEA will publicize, via existing communication channels, a 100% student loan forgiveness program for educators and ESP's across the country and write a letter to the appropriate Congressional Committee requesting to hold public hearings on the matter.

New Business Item 142

NEA shall inform, using existing resources, educators and their local/state affiliates about total student absenteeism and expenditures, which represent loss of public investment in our youth. This can later be used as a basis or leverage in local negotiations for increased compensation of educators. 

New Business Item 143

NEA will use its existing communication vehicles to educate members and the public about the negative impact of excluding students from academic and extracurricular programs based on their natural hairstyles and from their hair being modified by any school officials, school staff, referees, or any other individuals in a public school or higher education environment.

New Business Item 145
Adopted as Amended

NEA will identify on its website resources that early childhood educators and other school staff can use with families to promote developmentally appropriate healthy and safe practices for young children.

New Business Item 146
Adopted as Modified

The NEA will publicize, through existing channels, inadequate compensation for educators. Compensation must be commensurate with their level of education and/or experience. in this field, so that they can afford to live comfortably where they work.

New Business Item 147
Adopted as Modified

NEA will use its existing  digital resources, and social media resources to promote hiring -- as part of PreK through grade 12 and higher education staff -- mental and physical health professionals, including but not limited to school social workers, learning disabilities teacher consultants, school nurses, and school counselors.

New Business Item 149
Adopted As Modified

NEA will use existing communication resources to coordinate with the rural community of Piketon, Ohio, and its local school district to inform members and the general public about Zahns Corner Middle School that is permanently closed at this time due to the discovery of radiological contaminants in the school and nearby federal air monitors. The school is located less than two miles away from a former gaseous diffusion plant.

New Business Item 157
Adopted as Modified

NEA will seek to collaborate with the National Association of School Nurses(NASN), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute of Health (NIH) to co-author a letter to the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) to promote the strengthening and improvement of the Health and Wellness curricular standards across all states, and to be implemented with the same vigor and accountability as core curricula subjects in early childhood population and beyond.