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New Business Item 69 (2017)
Adopted As Modified

Establish a partnership between NEA and Project Pipeline Repair, an initiative to recruit men of color in high school into the teaching profession.

New Business Item 71 (2017)

NEA will provide model language for locals seeking to protect members who have a concern about data being collected on students and who wish to voice their concern to parents without retribution from their employer. This language should be created for collective bargaining or other processes for affiliates as needed.

This information will be posted on (in the appropriate online community).

New Business Item 72 (2017)

Consolidated with NBI 27

The NEA will identify historically underrepresented school systems that are successfully recruiting and retaining teachers of color.

New Business Item 73 (2017)

NEA will investigate and report findings in NEA Today or regarding:

1. What is determined to be the weakest aspects of federal student data privacy laws (e.g. FERPA – Federal Education Records Privacy Act; COPPA – Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule; PPRA – Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment; HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) that may allow entities outside the classroom-student-parent-district relationships to collect and use student data (regardless if the data is considered ‘personally identifiable’ or not or if the data is used for ‘educational purposes’).

2. Specific cases in which student data collected by computerized programs were used in ways parents were unaware of and subsequently opposed.

3. If appropriate, a description of what recourse parents have in various jurisdictions when they learn that their child’s data is misused.

4. Recommendations for how states and school districts can strengthen policies for: student data privacy, parental consent, transparency in data collection, and opt-out provisions for computer-based learning or testing.

5. Which states or local jurisdictions have done an exemplary job disclosing to parents in a coherent and comprehensive format what non-school based entities receive their students’ data.

6. School districts that provide clear opt-out policies for parents that do not want their child’s data shared outside of the school district community.

7. Ways educators and school systems can provide alternatives to computerized learning when parents request less screen time for their child at school.

New Business Item 74 (2017)
Adopted As Modified

NEA will release, through existing channels, a statement to encourage the inclusion of training on implicit bias as a component of professional development for all education employees and preparation programs and/or certification requirements.

New Business Item 75 (2017)
Adopted As Amended

The NEA will use available communication tools to encourage all state and local affiliates to ask school district and college and university officials to open gyms with showers one hour before school starts to allow homeless students to use the facilities for exercise and showers before school.

New Business Item 76 (2017)
Referred to the Executive Committee

NEA will share with state and local affiliates best practices in moving educator evaluations from reliance on standardized testing and student growth mechanisms to evaluations based on professional practices.

New Business Item 77 (2017)
Adopted As Modified

NEA will educate its members on the continuing efforts of repealing Government Pension Offset/Windfall Elimination Provisions (GPO/WEP) and will encourage members to target every member of Congress on an ongoing basis to support the repeal effort.

The 2018 RA delegates will receive an electronic executive summary of the organizational efforts to save and strengthen social security and will include the enhanced member engagement tactics relating to the GPO/WEP.

New Business Item 78 (2017)
Adopted As Modified

Using existing research and available resources, the NEA shall do the following:

1. Publish an article in NEA Today on the racist origins of standardized testing.

2. Make policy recommendations on assessment.

3. Communicate findings, policy recommendations, and examples of language in ESSA plans that locals, districts, and states have agreed upon that exemplify educationally just practices for assessment through existing communications channels.

New Business Item 79 (2017)
Adopted As Amended

The NEA shall provide direct organizing support to locals and state affiliates who form or expand Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS), community tables, and coalitions to defeat any voucher plan and organize for the world class public schools all of our students deserve. NEA will provide organizing support up to $125,000.