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New Business Item 81 (2017)
Referred to the Appropriate Committee

Using existing media, NEA will educate members about social and emotional health needs of transgender and nonbinary students and educators.

New Business Item 82 (2017)

The NEA RA directs the NEA to help state affiliate legal staff assist higher ed contingent faculty appeal a negative disposition to an unemployment compensation claim by creating guidelines contingents can use to help craft their appeal letters and prepare for hearings. These guidelines would be based on the new US Department of Labor guidance letter 5-17, which acknowledged that contingent faculty do not have reasonable assurance of employment between terms and are eligible for unemployment insurance compensation when they do not have work between terms.

New Business Item 83 (2017)
Referred to the Appropriate Committee

NEA will use existing media to inform members about the consequences of ICE sweeping.

New Business Item 84 (2017)
Adopted As Modified

NEA, working with the Contingent Faculty Caucus, shall communicate and ask state affiliates to communicate with all members about the work of the national organization advocating for contingent (non-tenure-track) faculty, New Faculty Majority (NFM), and about the benefits of NEA’s work with NFM, encouraging all members to join or donate to NFM.

New Business Item 85 (2017)
Adopted As Modified

NEA shall publicize, through existing communication channels and/or an article in NEA Today, a comparison chart and analysis comparing average salaries of education professionals versus comparable (by education, certification, and professional development responsibilities) professions and their gender demographics.

New Business Item 86 (2017)
Adopted As Modified and Referred to the Annual Meeting Review Committee

For the 2018 RA, NEA will thoroughly review and evaluate RA exhibitors’ materials for information that is offensive, obscene, or in bad taste. Based on the findings of the review the NEA will enforce its standing rules 12.B (b) and 12.B (d) as they relate to exhibitors found in violation of the aforementioned rules. Because of concerns brought by 2017 RA delegates, special scrutiny will be made to the following exhibitors:

  1. NEA Ex-Gay Educators
  2. Creation Truth Outreach
  3. Creation Science Educators

New Business Item 87 (2017)
Adopted As Amended

The NEA will make available on the NEA website information about the complex issue of human trafficking by supporting and encouraging collaboration with child protective services, law enforcement, social services, and community-based service providers.

New Business Item 89 (2017)

I move that the NEA send a letter to Ben & Jerry founders and corporation expressing strong support for the Migrant Justice Movement in Vermont, demanding safe working conditions for workers at farms in their supply chain. I further move that the NEA, through existing communications channels, educate members on the working conditions of migrant far workers.

New Business Item 90 (2017)

Consolidated with NBI 42

The NEA will renew its membership in the Labor Campaign 4 Single-Payer (LC4SP) and encourage state and local affiliates to coordinate pro-single payer activities with LC4SP and organizations with a similar purpose.

New Business Item 91 (2017)
Referred to the Appropriate Committee As Modified

NEA will use existing vehicles to recommend that all states screen students for dyslexia when a decoding deficit has been identified. In addition, NEA will advocate for students to receive appropriate evidence-based instruction that addresses their specific learning needs. NEA will also support educators’ access to training and ongoing professional development related to evidence-based strategies to teach students with decoding issues including dyslexia.