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New Business Item 1 (2018)

The 2018 NEA Representative Assembly calls for a constitutional convention to meet, deliberate, and propose a new NEA constitution to embrace a governance structure to move our union forward to organize, represent, and advocate for the extraordinary and growing diversity of our local, state, and national affiliates; to balance the costs of our ongoing programs and services with our membership dues revenue; to streamline and empower member-driven democratic decision making focused on our core values: unrelenting support and advocacy of great public schools and quality public programs and services in the local, state, and national communities in which our members live and work.

Delegates to the convention shall be the national officers, all directors on the NEA Board of Directors, and all state affiliate presidents. Each delegate shall have one vote on all issues before the convention.

The NEA president shall chair the convention. The convention shall first convene no later than the first working day in October 2018.

The president shall schedule all convention meetings, prepare agendas, electronically report proceedings to the NEA membership and affiliates via, and submit a new constitution to the 2019 NEA Representative Assembly for the consideration of the 2020 NEA Representative Assembly.

Delegates to the 2020 NEA Representative Assembly by simple majority vote may amend and by two-thirds secret ballot adopt the proposed new constitution.

New Business Item 2 (2018)
Referred to the Appropriate Committee As Modified

I move that NEA encourage state affiliates to listen to members regarding recent educator advocacy strategies and techniques.

New Business Item 3 (2018)

NEA will investigate developing a direct-action event to take place at the 2019 NEA RA in Houston, TX.

New Business Item 4 (2018)

NEA will promote the Black Lives Matter Week of Action in schools during Black History month in 2019, using existing communication resources, specifically calling for clear efforts to demonstrate support for the three demands of the BLM Week of Action in schools:

  1. Ending zero-tolerance policies and replacing them with restorative justice practices.
  2. Hiring and mentoring Black educators.
  3. Mandating that ethnic studies be taught in preK-12 schools in age-appropriate ways.

New Business Item 5 (2018)

NEA will encourage its state affiliates not to submit appeals to petition state governing authorities for a charter school to remain open once a closure decision has been made due to poor performance prior to conducting a needs assessment and community impact study.

New Business Item 6 (2018)

NEA will publicize our opposition to and rejection of McDonald’s program, McTeacher’s Nights, for exploiting public schools, educators, and workers to market junk food to our students, including:

  1. NEA will publish articles on the negative effects of the McTeacher’s Night program through existing channels, including in NEA Today and through digital channels.
  2. President Eskelsen Garcia will write a letter of concern directed to the president and CEO of McDonald’s regarding the harmful effects of McTeacher’s Nights, which local associations can submit to local media outlets where the McTeacher’s Nights program is active.
  3. President Eskelsen Garcia will write a letter to the presidents of state and national PTAs urging them to stop all partnerships with McDonald’s on McTeacher’s Nights.
  4. NEA will encourage state and local affiliates to re-evaluate McTeacher’s Nights and to support state and local legislation and policies aimed at protecting children and students from junk food marketing.
  5. NEA will communicate through existing resources alternative fundraising programs that schools can use to replace McTeacher Nights.

New Business Item 7 (2018)

NEA will create a brochure for our members and parents on common enrollment systems and their impact on urban school communities.

New Business Item 8 (2018)

NEA will fund training materials and space for two three-hour safeTALK (suicide alertness) classes for up to 30 delegates per class at an RA event in 2019.

New Business Item 9 (2018)

The NEA RA directs NEA to support, in ways it finds appropriate and within the budget, the removal of the names of Confederate leaders from public schools.

New Business Item 10 (2018)

That NEA, through existing publications, inform members about the issues faced by international adoptees that were not granted citizenship under the Child Citizenship Act (CCA) of 2000.