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Constitutional Amendment 2 (2019)

To update the preamble to replace the word “teacher” with the word “educator.”

Constitutional Amendment 3 (2019)

To open NEA membership to public education allies while preserving NEA governance positions for education professionals and active equivalents.

Constitutional Amendment 4 (2019)

To change the deadline for submission of constitutional amendments to 70 days following the close of the prior year’s representative assembly.

Legislative Amendment 1 (2019)

Section: Judiciary

Page 29, line 31

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NEA supports:

  • a judicial code of conduct and/or ethics for the Supreme Court justices.


Legislative Amendment 2 (2019)

Section: Immigration and Naturalization

Page 30, lines 13-52

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NEA supports:

  • comprehensive immigration reform that:

-recognizes the political, economic, and labor issues underlying immigration;

-promotes a humane, equitable, and orderly system of legal immigration that advances and protects human rights, civil liberties, due process, and the public interest;

-recognizes the importance of family unity and rejects laws and delays that undermine keeping families intact; and-rejects the criminalization of undocumented immigrants and those who work with them, including educators; and

-deals justly with undocumented immigrants who have worked and lived in the United States and includes a path to permanent residency, citizenship, or asylum once background checks have been completed.

  • legislation to reduce barriers that prevent legal immigrants from successful completion of the naturalization process for U.S. citizenship;
  • legislation to eliminate discrimination in the immigration laws by permitting permanent partners of United States citizens and lawful permanent residents to obtain lawful permanent resident status in the same manner as spouses of citizens and lawful permanent residents;
  • legislation to end the practice of incarcerating immigrant children by developing humane, equitable, and expedited processes for determining asylum cases and placing children with family and/or sponsors;
  • legislation prohibiting separation of immigrant children from their families;
  • legislation that requires all children housed for processing be afforded a quality public education equal to that provided to children attending public schools in the local community;
  • legislation that provides support for children who experience trauma due to practices implemented during the immigration process;
  • legislation that provides access to medical treatment and care by medical professionals for those detained;
  • legislation that provides postsecondary education opportunities for children who experience trauma caused by being held in detention; and
  • legislation defunding and/or preventing private corporations from profiting from immigrant detention in the United States, especially the detention of immigrant youth.

NEA opposes:

  • the incarceration of immigrant children in cages, kennels, warehouses, tents, and other inhumane structures;
  • separating immigrant children from their families;
  • the criminalization of undocumented immigrants and those who work with them, including educators; and privately run immigration detention centers.

Legislative Amendment 3 (2019)

Section: Slavery and Genocide

Page 29, line 23

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NEA supports:

  • legislation to study possible study and develop reparations and full repair proposals for to African Americans descendants of enslaved Africans in the United States to address the past and residual effects of slavery and enslavement in America.


Legislative Amendment 4 (2019)

Section: Postsecondary Education

Page 13, line 50

Amend/Replace existing item:

  • loan forgiveness for students who become educational employees in public education institutions;
  • legislation that creates a 100% loan forgiveness program for educators across the nation. This shall include any individual employed in public education;
  • legislation that creates a 100% loan forgiveness program for public service employees across the nation.


Legislative Amendment 5 (2019)

Section: Safe Schools

Page 8, line 46

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NEA supports:

  • legislation requiring mandatory gun liability insurance for all gun owners.

Legislative Amendment 6 (2019)

Section: Human and Civil Rights

Page 28, line 17

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NEA supports:

  • legislation that forbids using funds appropriated to any nation to assist or support the detention, interrogation, abuse, or ill-treatment of children in violation of international humanitarian law.

Legislative Amendment 7 (2019)

Section: IDEA Special Education

Page 13, line 22

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NEA supports:

  • Federal policies that require implementation of coordinated early intervening services to help ensure students, especially students of color, are not disproportionately misidentified for special education services.