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New Business Item 10 (2019)
Adopted as Amended

The NEA will compile existing resources in an online toolkit for members which will offer resources for educating students and families on balanced technology usage, and which outlines the physiological, social-emotional, and behavioral effects of screen time on children.

New Business Item 11 (2019)

Using existing resources, NEA will incorporate the concept of "White Fragility" into NEA trainings/staff development, literature, and other existing communications on social, gender, LGBTQIA, and racial justice whenever and wherever context and expense allows.

New Business Item 12 (2019)
Adopted as Amended

NEA will work with other unions and encourage its affiliates to promote and participate in state and community efforts for Census 2020.

As a national census partner, NEA shall play a leadership role in ensuring a fair and accurate census through such action as:

1. Working with allied coalitions such as the Learning First Alliance to foster national partnerships among the Census Bureau and its constituent groups so as to expand coverage of Census 2020 across the major education association websites and online social networks to encourage joint projects and local event coordination.

2. Link to key Census Bureau information such as talking points, digital articles, fact sheets, regional office and partnership program contacts, and access to the Bureau’s Census In Schools and employment websites.

3. Targeting assistance to schools in or near “hard to count” census tracts and identifying resources to ensure that home language materials and technical assistance are available in communities impacted by poverty and concentrations of minority group or non-English speaking populations.

4. Encouraging NEA’s state and local affiliates to become Census partners and work to ensure that all educators, current and retired, are represented in local Complete Count Committees and have the opportunity to become employed as enumerators.

5. Coordinating the provision of Census Bureau materials and speakers at NEA conferences and state summer leadership meetings and through the NEA booth at national partnership organization conferences.

6. Conducting a midterm evaluation of NEA’s Census 2020 partnership activities to provide the basis for adjusting Association assistance to align with the Bureau’s post-enumeration work concluding in December 2020.

New Business Item 13 (2019)
Adopted as Modified

NEA will create an ongoing series in NEA Today using existing digital resources including and NEA Express Today, and promotion on the NEA Today social media highlight examples of the Ethnic Studies curricula and programs across the nation and connection to student growth and success of students who have access to Ethnic Studies. 

New Business Item 14 (2019)

NEA will create model legislative language that state affiliates can use to eliminate the Praxis or alternative standardized test used for teacher certification.

New Business Item 15 (2019)

The NEA will conduct a research survey of NEA administrator members to ascertain if administrators feel supported by their local/state/national association.  The survey will also inquire as to what administrator members’ professional needs are.  The results of the survey will be used by NEA to create relevant and impactful resources for administrator members.

New Business Item 16 (2019)

NEA Board of Directors will consider a new policy statement on Ethnic Studies to be presented at the 2020 NEA RA for adoption.

New Business Item 17 (2019)
Adopted as Modified

The convenings created as a result of the 2018 NBI 117 Task Force report will recommend specific annual numeric goals for the recruitment of, and retention of, educators of color.  NEA will create a pilot cadre of educators of color (a minimum of 2 per state affiliate for at least 10 states) whose purpose is to identify and recruit high school and college ethnic students (African American, Hispanic, Indigenous People of America, Asian American,Pacific Islander) to enter the teaching profession starting with states that have Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, Tribal Colleges, Asian American, Native American, Pacific Islander Serving Institutions.

New Business Item 18 (2019)
Adopted as Amended

In accordance with Resolution C-6, the NEA will pursue strategies to publicize the crucial importance of recess and free play in the lives of school children of all ages, especially those children in grades preK through eighth grade.  The NEA will use online resources to propose and urge local actions which will convince Boards of Education that recess should be expanded and occur every day. Further, the NEA will publicize the following issues that threaten the lives and mental health of our students:

1.  Up to one in five children in the U.S. shows signs or symptoms of a mental health disorder.

2.  High school and college students are showing increasingly alarming rates of depression and/or anxiety leading to suicide.

3.  Increased screen time, too much testing, constant adult supervision, have prevented students from learning how to be independent and solve their own problems.  Students are learning that their destinies are out of their hands.

New Business Item 19 (2019)

NEA will promote the Black Lives Matter Week of Action in schools during Black History Month in 2020.  Beginning in the fall of 2019, using existing communications resources, NEA will specifically call for clear efforts to demonstrate support for the four demands of the BLM Week of Action in schools:

1. Ending zero-tolerance policies and replacing them with restorative justice practices

2. Hiring and mentoring black educators

3. Mandating that Ethnic Studies be taught in preK-12 schools in age-appropriate ways

4. Hiring more counselors not cops