NEA Standards of Conduct
Standing Rules for 2021 Virtual RA
Basic Parliamentary Procedure for 2021 Virtual RA

Caucus and Council Meetings

  • Caucuses will be meeting throughout June. Click here to see the latest meeting schedule.
  • The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) will hold its annual summer meeting on Friday, June 25, 3-5pm EDT. NEA members interested in higher education issues may click here to request meeting details.

Submission of Business Items

Submit items for RA consideration here.
Video: Tutorial on submitting business items
Submitting an NBI requesting an article in NEA publications? Read this first.

The Committee on Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules is accepting delegate submissions of amendments to the NEA Legislative Program, Resolutions, and Policy Statements, and amendments to items already submitted, for consideration at the 2021 virtual Representative Assembly. Click here or the link above to submit items. All items must be submitted via this link. Only delegates to the 2021 RA may submit items. The deadlines are as follows:

  • Deadline for delegate submission of New Business Items: This deadline has passed. No new NBIs can be submitted at this time.
  • Deadline for NBI makers to submit modifications if needed: 4:00 pm (EDT), June 25, 2021
  • Deadline for delegate submission of amendments to the NEA Legislative Program, Resolutions, and Policy Statements: 4:00 pm (EDT), June 30 (NEA Legislative Program, Policy Statements, and Resolutions Information are posted below under “2021 RA Agenda Items”)
  • Deadline for delegates to submit amendments to any proposed items: noon (EDT) on the day the item is to be debated.

Submitted items will be available for delegate review under the RA business page once they are processed.

Questions can be directed to the NEA Committee on Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules.

Delegate Newsletters and RA Today Newspapers

Delegate Communication – Issue 2 – June 4

Committee on Equity and Ethnic Harmony

The NEA Committee on Equity and Ethnic Harmony (CEEH) has as its charge to review discriminatory allegations involving NEA delegates and make recommendations to the NEA President to expedite the resolution of such matters. Delegates are asked to fill out and submit this Discriminatory Incident Form to report a discriminatory incident that occurs during the Representative Assembly.  Should you have any issues with the form, please email

Pre-RA Town Halls and Open Hearings – Delegate Registration via Cvent

2021 RA Agenda Items

2021 Information Items

NEA Governing Documents and Policies

2021 Candidates for Executive Committee

The 2021 Representative Assembly will elect two seats on the Executive Committee.
(Listed in filing order)

2021 Candidates for At-Large Board Seats

The 2021 Representative Assembly will elect three at-large members to the NEA Board representing Education Support Professionals — two 3-year seats and one 2-year seat; and one alternate at-large member representing Education Support Professionals (3-year seat).The filing deadline has now passed. As the number of candidates equals the number of seats available in each category, the following candidates will be deemed elected by acclimation.

Candidates for 3-Year Seats

Candidate for 2-Year Seat

Candidate for Alternate

Memo: At-Large Director Elections for the 2021 NEA Representative Assembly

Election Forms and Candidate Resources

Candidates for Executive Committee (Filing deadline April 15, 2021)

Candidates for At-Large Board Positions (Filing deadline, 4:00 pm eastern time, June 15, 2021)

Candidates for Executive Committee (2022; Filing deadline April 15, 2022, however, candidates wishing to be announced at the conclusion of the 2021 RA must file by noon on July 3, 2021):

Candidates may file for two seats on the NEA Executive Committee to be elected at the 2022 Representative Assembly. To file, please complete the filing form and bio form provided in the link below and email to the NEA Center for Governance.

NEA Resolutions Committee

Election Policies