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Committee on Equity and Ethnic Harmony

The NEA Committee on Equity and Ethnic Harmony (CEEH) has as its charge to review discriminatory allegations involving NEA delegates and make recommendations to the NEA President to expedite the resolution of such matters. Delegates are asked to fill out and submit this Discriminatory Incident Form ( to report a discriminatory incident that occurs during the Representative Assembly.  Should you have any issues with the form, please email


Pre-RA and Post-RA Virtual Meetings

Tele-town Hall with President Lily Eskelsen Garcia
June 22, 2020
Tele-town Hall Webcast

Virtual Open Hearing on Proposed Strategic Plan and Budget
June 25, 2020
Budget Questions & Answers
Open Hearing Webcast
Proposed Strategic Plan and Budget 2020-2022

Legislative Program Info Session
July 7, 2020 8:00pm – 9:00pm EDT
Legislative Program
Session FAQ
Review and ask questions about NEA’s Legislative Program, which governs the Association’s federal lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill.

Resolutions Info Session
July 9, 2020 8:00pm – 9:00pm EDT
Resolutions 2019-2020 and Summary of Committee’ Winter Actions
Session FAQ
Review and ask questions about the procedures for NEA’s belief statements. Propose amendments or new resolutions for committee consideration and recommendation to the 2021 Representative Assembly for action.   

For additional assistance please contact:








NEA Governing Documents and Policies

Action on Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules; Policy Statements; New Business; Resolutions; and the Legislative Program has been postponed until the 2021 Representative Assembly.

RA Business Forms

New Business Items and amendment to the NEA Resolutions, Legislative Program, and Policy Statements will not be accepted this year. Amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules can be submitted for consideration at the 2021 Representative Assembly. Constitutional amendments must be submitted no later than 70 days following the close of the 2020 RA — the deadline this year is September 11, 2020. Amendments to the Bylaws and Standing Rules must be submitted no later than 120 days prior to the 2021 RA — the deadline will be March 3, 2021. Amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules can be submitted by downloading the appropriate form below, filling it out, and emailing it, along with the signature page (if necessary) to

Election Forms and Candidate Resources

Candidates for President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Committee (2020)

Candidates for At-Large Board Positions (2020)

Candidates for Executive Committee (2021):

Candidates may file for two seats on the NEA Executive Committee to be elected at the 2021 Representative Assembly. To file, please complete the filing form and bio form provided below and email to Candidates who file by noon on July 3, 2020 will be announced during the July 2-3 virtual RA, and will have their photo and bio printed in an RA Today edition sent to delegates in late August (after results of the 2020 NEA elections are available).

 NEA Resolutions Committee

For reporting all duly elected Resolutions Committee members and alternates, including vacancy appointments, for committee members with terms commencing September 1, 2020 for service on the 2020-2021 Resolutions Committee. In accordance with procedures set forth for the virtual 2020 NEA RA, elections for Resolutions Committee members are permitted if feasible to do so. If not feasible, committee members may be appointed to fill positions until an election may be held. For questions, please contact Sabrina Tines ( or Paul Birkmeier ( at the NEA Center for Governance.

Election Policies