When: June 29, 2017, from 8am-12pm

Where: Everett High School-Glendale Park, 100 Elm Street, Everett, MA 02149

What is it?

The LEGACY Project is designed to be adapted to the needs of the community where the project is hosted.  NEA Student Program members, in conjunction with community students and members, local organizations, NEA-Retired and affiliates, will organize, educate, and lead change through Impacts with the communities of parents and students which our educators serve.

What to expect?

The LEGACY Project is designed to act as a community engagement and fair-type event. Community members and children will engage with numerous Impact projects where they will be greeted by volunteers—NEA student and retired members. Impacts are the individual projects provided to support the local community. Each volunteer will pick an Impact, where they will organize, educate, and lead change for the communities of parents and students that our educators serve.

Driven by the desires of Everett City County, community members may expect engagement around Impact activities which will provide examples of what the community offers and celebrate the strength of the community. Children may expect to engage around physical take-home projects, community organization donated products, and education-based programs.

We are excited to partner with NEA-Retired, Massachusetts Teachers Association, and Everett City School District.  Together, we will leave a lasting impact in a community where students and their families are in need. Students deserve a strong and united community to ensure the best public school experience for all!

For additional information, please contact the NEA Student Program Office, neasp@nea.org