NEA officers and NEA-Retired President during the NEA-Retired Conference

‘Stand Up and Be Counted’

Clockwise from upper left: NEA-Retired President Sarah Borgman, NEA President Becky Pringle, NEA Secretary-Treasurer Noel Candelaria, and NEA Vice President Princess Moss addressed delegates at NEA-Retired’s virtual Annual Meeting. At the 2021 virtual Annual Meeting, NEA-Retired members were fired up and ready to take action. “Believe the unbelievable and achieve the unachievable!” Those were the … Continued

A Festival of Inspiration, Reflection, and Joy

The combination of art and activism took center stage at NEA’s 2021 Conference on Social and Racial Justice—and rightfully so. The art of protest, whether it’s social, racial, political, or economic, has long been a powerful form of expression that has led to small and big wins for some of the most marginalized groups of … Continued

Aspiring Educators Unite for a Better Future

Members of NEA’s Aspiring Educators (AE) program had much to show for during the 2021 Aspiring Educator’s Conference! This past year alone, they’ve been active in the country’s political and cultural landscape and have taken to the streets and spoken out on issues ranging from social justice, equity in education, and the intentional underfunding of … Continued