Create a Space to Talk About Race (PDF, 2MB, 8pgs)

Racial dynamics, disparities and divisions permeate our society, communities, schools and classrooms. Systemic racism is so deeply rooted in our history, culture and institutions that there’s no escaping it. Visible or not, its impacts are ever-present. Yet, discussions of racism are typically not part of our curriculum–unless we’re teaching social sciences or literature, or highlighting a particular holiday or hero. And even then, the race content may often be lacking or lackluster.

Racial Justice in Education: Affiliates in Action 2017 (PDF, 6MB, 44pgs)

Combating institutional racism and advancing Racial Justice in Education is at the forefront of the National Education Association’s vision—to provide a great public school for every student. It is a significant charge that requires us to be open to changes in traditional ways of thinking about and approaching solutions. When the NEA Representative Assembly passed New Business Item (NBI) B in 2015, we pledged a commitment to use our collective voice to bring to light and demand change to policies, programs, and practices that condone or ignore unequal treatment and hinder student success. Educator’s unique perspective on institutional racism in schools and communities calls on NEA to look internally and externally to address the momentous issues that shape the lives of the students and communities we serve.