Ted Dintersmith

NEA Friend of Education

Ted Dintersmith is a highly successful venture capitalist and father of two. He has devoted most of his time, energy, and millions of his personal fortune to education-related initiatives that call for a remaking of what and how students learn.

He has emerged as one of the leading advocates of student-centered, teacher-led classrooms in the nation. He has traveled to all 50 states to learn all he can about best practices as well as the art and science of teaching and learning. Ted is adamant that for innovative teaching—no matter the form—to succeed, teachers and their unions must play a pivotal role in designing and implementing school plans.

Dintersmith believes educators can lead the way in transforming schools. “I was so inspired as I traveled to see the positive change that’s happening,” he told NEA Today in an interview. “In every community I visited, I found remarkable, inspiring innovations led by classroom teachers. If we can celebrate these practices, and put in place the conditions that let all classroom teachers do what they entered the profession to do—engage and inspire our children—we’ll be entering an education period that might well be called a modern day Renaissance.”

Dintersmith’s book, Most Likely to Succeed and the forthcoming What School Can Be: Insights and Inspiration from Teachers Across America, highlight the outstanding work that is already occurring in America’s schools. Ted also financed and produced the compelling documentary “Most Likely to Succeed,” which argues that students and teachers should be given the latitude and trust to define their own approach to learning.

Dintersmith speaks frequently at major events and conferences, delivering a vision of what our schools could, and need to, be.