What is the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education (“NEA Fund”)?
The NEA Fund is our federal political action committee (PAC), which works to elect pro-public education candidates up and down the ballot who support the issues most important to our members and our students.

Why politics and why the PAC?
Federal and state policy affect every member and student in many ways. Here are a few examples of what policies can change our members’ and students’ education, careers, and lives: teacher pay, charter schools, class sizes, early childhood education, minimum wage, Fair Pay Act, healthcare, and even organizing rights.

Who may be asked to contribute to the NEA Fund?
All NEA members and their immediate families (spouse or other family members living in the same household), NEA executive and administrative staff and their immediate families, and affiliate executive and administrative staff and their immediate families.

Are there limitations on who may contribute to the NEA Fund?
NEA Fund contributors must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents (i.e., green card holders). The NEA Fund may not accept contributions from foreign nationals.

Contributions to the NEA Fund made by credit card or check must be drawn from an individual, non-corporate account. The contributor must be the person actually paying the funds (i.e., an individual may not give money to another person or receive money from another person to make a contribution to the NEA Fund).

Are contributions voluntary?
All contributions to the NEA Fund are voluntary. This means that delegates, members, staff and family members are free to decide whether or not they want to make a contribution and that there will not be any adverse consequences in terms of NEA membership or employment if they decide not to give.

Any suggested contribution amount is just that—a suggestion. Contributions can be made in less than the suggested amount, more than that amount, or not at all.

How will contributions to NEA Fund be used?
All contributions to the NEA Fund will be used for political purposes (supporting federal and state candidates, political parties, and political committees).

Are contributions tax deductible?
Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

How much can a contributor give in total?
An individual (delegate, member, staff or family member) may contribute up to $5,000 total per year to the NEA Fund.

How much cash may a contributor give?
$100 total for the entire RA.

Once a delegate, member, staff or family member has given $100 in cash to the NEA Fund at the RA, he or she must make all additional contributions at the RA by credit card or personal check.

How should a personal check contribution be addressed?
Personal checks should be made payable to: The NEA Fund for Children and Public Education.

How should a credit card contribution be made?
One-time and continuous credit card contributions may be made at the NEA Fund credit card kiosk. Due to new security guidelines, credit card contribution envelopes are not to be used by delegates.

How must individual contributions to the NEA Fund be collected at the RA?
Every cash or check contribution collected at the RA must be placed in a small contribution envelope. Credit card contributions should be made at the NEA Fund kiosk. Delegates must place their Delegate ID sticker on the outside of the contribution envelope and write in the amount and date of their contribution.

If an individual does not have a Delegate ID label, they should fill in the envelope with all information requested, including name, address, employer, occupation, etc. Envelopes are available at the PAC office. Contributors should seal the envelope so the contents do not get lost.

We cannot accept contributions simply by “passing the hat.” Each contribution to the NEA Fund must be identified as coming from a specific individual contributor.

Why might my 2018-2019 fundraising year total be incorrect?
The following are possible reasons for a delegate’s total contribution amount to be different on the PAC Captain online report from what the delegate counted.

  • Data entry error or illegible handwriting.
  • Name is not the same as in the membership database.
  • Address not the same as in the membership database.
  • Credit card expired and the contribution could not be processed.
  • State or local does not itemize payroll deductions.
  • Payroll deduction from June 2019.
  • At the RA: Contribution made within the 10-15 minute window that the data synchronization occurs.
  • At the RA: It was a GO page contribution and those do not show during the RA (the donor shows, not the GO Page Owner).